Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Quarantined Briton Leslie Carr in Hongkong Acquires Overnight Celebrity Status Because of H1N1 Swine Flu Virus


5 May 2009

For a guy who's supposed to be enduring a "Brit's Hotel Hell," as Sky News puts it, Leslie Carr I'd say is one lucky Brit!

I picked up Leslie's story yesterday at around 9:20am after putting up a post asking people to continue praying for former Philippine Cory Aquino who was scheduled to undergo operation at midday yesterday.  Then, I went to work on other things.

By mid-afternoon, I noticed that people from around the world were picking up the Leslie Carr post as line after line of my Feedjit widget displayed "Briton Leslie Carr ..."  About 2 out of every 3 readers; I don't have many readers but I can recognize a trend when I see one. I knew we had something major here. 

Overnight, this Briton has acquired celebrity status.  If he can strike a deal with a publisher right now then come up with his book on or about the time he emerges out of quarantine on Friday from Hongkong's H1N1 Hilton (whoa!),  then, he's got it made!  Leslie Carr, runaway best-selling author.  The title of his book?  Take your pick?

"Held Against My Will ... But Slowly Liking It!";

"I Survived the H1N1 Flu Virus Quarantine in Hongkong!"  

"A Briton in Hongkong's H1N1 Hilton!"

The subtitle "A Rare Inside Look at Hongkong's Hotel H1N1 Quarantine" by Leslie Carr.

Then, from businessman, Leslie Carr will have another impressive appendage to his resume —inspirational speaker, a survivor of the H1N1 virus quarantine.

In all seriousness, Leslie Carr's story begins with shock, utter disbelief and dismay ... is settling down into some comfort and familiarity and eventually, hopefully, will end in triumph ... not only for Leslie Carr and the thousands of people who are now following his ordeal ... a triumph for the people of Hongkong, a key battleground in the fight against SARS, of China ... all of Asia including my country the Philippines which is a next-door neighbor.

From where I sit, I can only pray that nothing goes wrong where Leslie Carr is.   

Who knows?! Leslie might even get knighted after surviving this experience!  Sir Leslie Carr, Knight Commander of the Order of the British Empire, anyone?!  

This is one of the latest Leslie Carr video clips:

When I return, I'll try to better organize my presentation of the ongoing Leslie Carr H1N1 Global Watch. 


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