Thursday, May 7, 2009

VINDICATION! — "My decision to protest the abuses ... by this government by refusing to post bail has now yielded victory" — Jun Lozada, May 7, 2009


7 May 2009 11:16pm

Earlier tonight, I had the opportunity to visit Jun Lozada at the Medical Center Manila where he's still gradually recuperating after suffering from low blood pressure and dehydration the past few days.  

I was in his room for, I guess, nearly thirty minutes.  

Before I left, I requested Jun to give his message to our people and despite his condition (with dextrose needle still embedded in his left hand), he happily obliged. He wrote the message on a regular size bond paper; it's actually a printout of my latest post, The Senate Resolution that Won Back Custody Over Jun Lozada, SRN-1049 (Adopted Resolution No. 172), Filed by Senator Mar Roxas, before coming over to Medical Center Manila.  As he began to write his message on the right-hand margin of the page, I took some pictures of Jun Lozada; it felt as if I had encountered a man who personified the best in both our national heroes, Jose Rizal and Andres Bonifacio, all at once.  Here was a man who has courage, intelligence, love of country and fellowmen, humility and faith in abundant measure. 

This is the text of Jun's message which he wrote in Tagalog (Pilipino) from his hospital bed:
Mayo 7, 2009
MCM Hospital
Rm 8837

Para sa Bayang Pilipino,

Nagagalak akong makipag-ugnayan sa inyo sa pamamagitan ng sipi na ito.  Salamat sa inyong patuloy na pagsuporta sa aking pakikibaka para sa katotohanan at katarungan.

Itong araw na ito ay mahalaga sa ating laban.  Ang aking pasya na magprotesta sa pang-aabuso ng gobyernong ito sa akin sa pamamagitan ng hindi pagpiyansa ay nagbunga ng tagumpay ngayon.

Marami pang pagsubok tayong haharapin at ako ay muling humihingi ng inyong pananalangin na tayo ay patnubayang muli ng ating Panginoon.

Jun Lozada 

Here is my translation in English:
May 7, 2009
MCM Hospital
Rm 8837

For the Filipino People,

I am glad to communicate with you through this letter. Thank you for your continued support in my fight for truth and justice.

This day is an important one for our struggle.  My decision to protest the abuses against me by this government by refusing to post bail has now yielded victory.

We are going to face more trials ahead and I'm renewing my appeal for you to continue praying so that our Lord will guide us once again.

Jun Lozada 

I would like to commend here the Senate security detail that was guarding Jun Lozada.  For obvious reasons, I did not take pictures of them or of their deployment. I can only say that they're all polite and did not appear menacing. I had a pleasant conversation with some of them while waiting for my turn to be led inside Jun's room.  

Theirs could be one of the most important jobs in the world right now.  With custody over Jun Lozada wrestled away from the police through the petition for recognizance filed by the Senate, they are holding with them literally a national treasure. 

Even closer to Jun is his "close-in security detail" led by Sr. Mary John Mananzan and her army of sisters who have been with Jun since the beginning of his ordeal. 

And to those of us who believe that Jun Lozada is divinely protected, there is a third force of powerful unseen beings we call angels who keep watch over him.   

And yes, if this formidable security is not enough, we have our God who never sleeps nor slumbers. Nothing happens without His permission. As long as He wills it, Jun Lozada cannot be touched.  And that's where our prayers, our praise and our intercession come in.  

To God be the glory!

Author's Note:  8 May 2009, 2:30am
My scanner is still down and my camera would not communicate with my PC for me to transfer the picture of the piece of bond paper that bears Jun's message. I'll upload it as soon as I can. Thank you for bearing with me.



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