Friday, July 3, 2009

NTC to Order Telcos to Triple 'Load' Life and Provide Phone Call Details for Free to Prepaid Users

3 July 2009

In what is seen as a signal victory for cellphone load consumers, the NTC is expected to approve today a circular ordering telcos to triple the life of cellphone load and to provide prepaid users with a free and detailed record of their cellphone calls.

Under the lengthened load life scheme, the following load credits are expected to have these corresponding validity:

P10 to P20 -  7 days
over P20 to P30 - 10 days
over P30 to P40 - 14 days
over P40 to P50 - 17 days
over P50 to P60 - 20 days
over P60 to P70 - 24 days
over P70 to P80 - 27 days
over P80 to P100 - 30 days
over P100 to P150 - 45 days
over P150 to P200 - 60 days
over P200 to P300 - 90 days
over P300 to P600 - 150 days

More on  this story in this Inquirer article.

3 July 2009 6:05pm

This is the 2-page memo issued by the NTC today to better guide  us in what the new cellphone load guidelines will be. 

These guidelines will take effect fifteen (15) days after their publication in a newspaper of general circulation and three (3) certified true copies furnished the UP Law Center.

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Based on the guidelines themselves, this is the mandated load amount with their corresponding minimum expiration or validity period:

   Amount of Load Purchased                   Minimum Expiration

             PhP10.00 or lower                                            3 days

More than PhP10.00 to PhP50.00            15 days

More than 50.00 to PhP100                     30 days

More than 100.00 to PhP150.00              45 days

More than PhP150.00 to PhP250.00        60 days

More than PhP250.00 to PhP300             75 days

            More than PhP300                                         120 days

More on this story in this Balitanghali report by Marisol Abdurahman courtesy of GMANews.tv:


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