Friday, July 3, 2009

Hayden Kho Admits Being Sexually Molested as a Child in Probe Profiles with Cheche Lazaro — However, He Didn't Give Much Detail of the Incident

3 July 2009

Hayden Kho has admitted in Profiles with Che-che Lazaro that she was sexually molested as a child.  They've shown it again tonight at TV Patrol.  This must be what he meant when he said at one point in the interview, "Something happened to me when I was a child.  Not even my parents know about it."

Here is the story.

"Were you abused as a child,"  asks Cheche.

A pause from Hayden then a reply, "Molested as a child."

"You were?" asked Cheche, "Do you still remember it?"


"Is it painful ... the remembrance?"

Repeated nods by Hayden and then ... "Painful na nakakasuka."

"Were you molested by a relative?" asks Cheche.  "Can you tell me how old you were at the time you were molested?"

"Seven, I think... In a truck ... by a person I don't know." 

"So nung umuwi ka, you masked it?"

Nods from Hayden, "I washed ..."

"You washed yourself?"

"But washing wasn't good enough."

I'd like to believe Hayden but given the level of his "credibility" right now, it would be foolhardly to swallow his story hook, line and sinker.  Maybe somebody can make a follow up interview to flesh out this story.  Its veracity does not give Hayden Kho any legal or moral justification for what he has done but it will allow all of us to understand him a lot better.

The video clips of the interview are at the ProbeTV website.

4 July 2009

This is the TV Patrol report by George Cariño:


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