Saturday, August 8, 2009

Arroyo $20,000 Dine In at Le Cirque, 7 Minutes at Cory Wake vs 4 Cory Honor Guards, $0 Non Dine In at Flatbed Truck, 8 Hours+ Standing at Cory Funeral

8 August 2009

Their present Commander-in-Chief wined and dined to the tune of $20,000 at the upscale French restaurant in New York before spending 7 minutes at the wake of President Cory Aquino.  

The four Cory honor guards spent $0 in a dine in that never happened at the flatbed truck while stoically enduring an eight hour plus standing tour of duty guarding the casket of this country's most beloved Commander-in-Chief.

What contrast!  Between two Commanders-in-Chief, one immensely beloved and the other, I don't know what.

What contrast! Between a Commander-in-Chief on one hand who could spare no more than seven minutes to visit President Cory Aquino's wake and 4 foot soldiers who stood faithfully for more than eight hours to guard the casket of democracy's fallen icon, do their country proud and bring honor to the uniform that they wear.

10 August 2009  9:42pm

These are news reports by Ivan Mayrina and Mark Salazar courtesy of GMANews.tv on the $20,000 Arroyo entourage dinner at Le Cirque:



  1. she opted to stay for a short time in deference to all those waiting to get in and view cory's remains. of course they have to stop the queue from getting in the cathedral because the prez of the republic is inside. i think it was a sensitive move on prez arroyo to shorten her stay so the queue could move on, and the people to view cory's remains without further delay

    she was with the philippine entourage which had just ended an official visit in the u.s. it was a huge group personally invited to dine by congressman romualdez who paid for the bill. what do you want the president and her entourage do, eat at mcdonalds?

    when cory was president she was assailed left and right by people like you who had myopic view of things. no incumbent president was spared by you and your ilk- bar none.

    do not politicize the death of tita cory. you cheapen it doing so. don't do a la binay and kris aquino. shame on these two.

    kung ang layunin ng blog mo ay pagyamanin ang kulturang pilipino, sorry na lang... anu ba ang kulturang ibig mong pagyamanin, ang manira ng kapwa at mang-intriga, at magwalang galang sa mga nanunungkulan sa pamahalaan.

    alalahanin mo, gaya ni cory, bababa din si gloria sa pwesto. ang walang humpay na pagbatikos ng walang kabuluhan ay hindi lang nakakasira sa taong nanunungkulan bagkus sa mismong KATUNGKULAN na ating mas dapat pinagpapahalagahan.

  2. For reading my blog, thank you, Sir or Ma'am. For leaving your comment, thank you even more! A very good day to you.

    Anyway, the rules of democracy state that we are free to express ourselves as long as we hold ourselves accountable for what we say or do.

    My name is Rolly Ocampo. By what name, can I refer to you, Ma’am or Sir?

    Anyway, even if we differ, I respect your opinion.

    But whatever opinions we express, the facts of this particular case are difficult to dispute:

    1) President Arroyo, $20,000 dine in at Le Cirque, 7 minutes at Cory's wake

    2) 4 Cory honor guards — Officers Antonio Cadiente, Gener Laguidam, Danilo Malab, Jr. and and Edgardo Rodriguez — $0 non-dine-in at flatbed truck, 8 hours plus standing tour of duty beside the casket of democracy's enduring icon, President Cory Aquino.

    If the facts are painful, what can we do?

    I have reported them just like everybody else.

    Paninira po ba yung sabihin ang totoo? If it is, what else can we safely write about?

    I have more to say about this matter in the future.

    Suffice it to say at this point that I walked almost the entire route of President Cory’s funeral up to Manila Memorial Park battling cramps and exhaustion along the way and the only reason why I wasn’t able to start from Manila Cathedral was that I was there from midnight of final viewing up to nearly 6am of funeral day, August 5 (I arrived home past 7am, got a few hours’ sleep, watched Kris Aquino’s response before I left then caught up with the funeral near the Rizal Monument at the Luneta). I saw President Arroyo’s entourage on its way in passing by the side of the Cathedral at around 3:45am and I saw it pass on its way out by the same side less than 20 minutes later. Doland Castro of ABS-CBN who happened to be inside the Manila Cathedral when I first went in, can attest to the fact that I reported to him the difficult and dangerous situation of the people who could get crushed as they pressed against each other about 100 meters outside the Cathedral and he eventually radioed the information to some of his colleagues so they could attend to the situation.

    I also talked to one of the organizers and a police Colonel from Crame who tried to get in touch with the MPD ground commander. Eventually, as I would learn later from Doland Castro when I saw him again outside the Cathedral at a little past 4am, the matter would be relayed to Senator Noynoy Aquino who reportedly assured the people that all of them would be able to get in. Eventually I stayed in the area until all the viewing lines to the Cathedral were totally empty. That was I think nearly 5am. It was the least I could do because I know that is how President Cory would have wanted it.

    Anyway, thank you once again for your visit and your comment. Every visitor to my blog deserves respect whether they agree with me or not. Good day po and God bless!

  3. engot ka pala e. di ka man lang magresearch. kung di mo alam, si cory ang may kasalanan bakit malaki ang utang ng pilipinas ngayon. sana niwrite off na yung mga debt na na incur natin nung panhon ni marcos. bobo, magsama kayo ng mga ungas tulad ni villar, pangilinan, at binay

  4. To Anonymous...
    Ang tanga mo! Si Marcos ang may kasalanan nung utang. Yung pamilya ng asawa ni Marcos ang nagbayad nung $20k dinner.


  6. anonymous, shut up, di mo nga mapangalanan sarili mo, tumahimik ka nga dyan...

    ako si dora rodriguez ng bulacan.

  7. Yea, PRESIDENT ARROYO should be eating at MCDONALD'S and the LIKES. She should be be contented with MCDO, JOLLIBEE or TAPA KING (kung meron ba yun sa STATES). She should be happy to eat at all when some 9 million Filipinos can barely eat a DECENT MEAL a day.

    Masarap be talaga ang FOOD sa POSH FRENCH RESTAURANT versus MCDO? I dunno if the 9 million hungry Filipinos can really tell!

  8. Don't waste our time to he/she. he/she might be in the payroll of Gloria Masiba...


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