Sunday, August 2, 2009

"The Honor Should Come From Filipinos, Not a Malacañang Decree!" — Kris Aquino's Remarks in Refusing State Funeral for President Cory Aquino

2 August 2009

Kris Aquino makes no secret of her low regard for any effort by the powers-that-be to give "honor" to her mother.  Their family's decision to refuse the offer of a state funeral stems from the lack of respect that Malacañang has shown former President Cory Aquino in the past. 

"Bakit yung mga tao who weren't really that close to her ang mangangasiwa nito when people who really love her can be the ones to take care of it? ... The honor should come from Filipinos, it shouldn't be a Malacañang decree," lamented Kris.

The Aquino family's refusal of a state funeral for President Cory has come like a slap in the face of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo whose administration is now scrambling to put up a" "show of respect" for the former president, something it failed to do in the past especially when President Cory started urging Mrs. Arroyo to step down from power and to speak out against Cha-cha and Con-Ass. 

The problem is that Malacañang's "show of respect" has come too little and too late.  PGMA should have listened to Cory's advice when democracy's icon was still alive. All earthly power, riches and splendor ceases at point of death; nothing survives but the loving memory and respect that resides for those who pass away in the hearts and minds of those they leave behind.  

Now, whenever PGMA and her allies raise the specter of Con-Ass, people will start reckoning her against President Cory Aquino and she will realize that when reckoned against the shadow of Cory's casket, she will come out always on the shorter, lighter end of the scale. Mrs. Arroyo should now realize that she cannot fill President Cory's shoes which have become even bigger. This is a tale of two women Presidents: one swept into office by a snap election she won and by a prayer-backed people power revolt that secured her victory and who, in the end, willingly gave up her deserved power and, on the other, one who was handed power on a silver platter and who, for the past nine years, has shown various techniques on how to desperately cling to it.

More on this story in this report by Mike Enriquez courtesy of GMANews.tv:


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  1. that's true. why would they agree with what the government wants when it would be just a show? i mean, we don't need a scene over the Malacañang so that the people will see how great the administration is for giving the late Pres. Aquino a state funeral. she should be surrounded by the people she loves and love her in return. not those who only offers something so that they will have a good feedback on the people's side.


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