Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Congressman Danilo Suarez of Quezon Shows Receipt of Lavish Dinner at Bobby Van's to Sandra Aguinaldo of GMA News — $11,876.88 Plus $1,500 Tip

18 August 2009

The receipt for the Arroyo entourage dinner at Bobby Van's steakhouse in Washington, DC on July 30 has finally surfaced.  

Quezon 3rd district representative Danilo Suarez, who claimed he was the one who paid  for the lavish dinner, showed to GMA News' Sandra Aguinaldo the original copy of the receipt from Bobby Van's:

The bottom line of the receipt shows:

Items $   8,997.05
Tax         899.71
Gratuity  1,979.92
Total $  11,876.68

Handwritten below the Total is the amount of $11,900 (which is $11,876.68 rounded off to the nearest hundred) and below this is the amount of $1,500 which is supposedly for the tip.

For the record, based on this receipt, the amount paid for the Bobby Van's dinner was either $13,376.68 (if you add up $11,876.68 plus the $1,500 tip) or $13,400.00 (if you add up the rounded off total of $11,900 plus the $1,500 tip). 

The amount of $13,400 is just $1,600 short of the reported $15,000 cost of the Bobby Van's dinner.  A fair question to ask at this point is, Is this the only receipt for the Bobby Van's dinner?  Is there a second receipt that could account for the $1,600 difference? Or could it be that the tip given was more than $1,500?  Your guess is as good as mine. 

More on the Bobby Van's receipt for one of the more infamous dinners in Fil-American history in this 24 Oras report by Sandra Aguinaldo courtesy of GMANews.tv:

The showing of this Bobby Van's receipt by Congressman Suarez does not close the issue.  What it does is to furnish proof beyond doubt that the dinner did take place and that the bill amounted nearly to how much it was first reported to have cost.

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