Thursday, August 13, 2009

Four Cory Honor Guards Meet the Aquino Family Thru Wish Ko Lang — SNN Shows Reception by Aquino Family, August 13, 2009

13 August 2009

The four Cory honor guards who stood faithfully for more than eight hours beside the casket of President Cory Aquino whom TIME Magazine has dubbed as "The Saint of Democracy," had a wish — to meet in person Cory's kids — and it came true yesterday through GMA 7's Wish Ko Lang program. 

Vicky Morales accompanied the four officers to the house of Cory daughter Pinky Aquino-Abellada for a get-together dinner. According to Vicky, the meeting between Cory's kids and Cory's honor guards will be shown in full on Saturday, August 15.

This is the same meeting that ABS-CBN will feature in tonight's edition of SNN (Showbiz News Ngayon). 

More on this story in this report by Vicky Morales courtesy of  GMANews.tv:

14 August 2009 9:50am

This is the video clip of the Aquino children's warm and gracious reception of the 4 Cory honor guards shown last night at SNN:

If the video clip does not play properly, please click this link to the pertinent page on the ABS-CBN website.  Once there, over at the right side of the screen is a video window where you should look for the video clip captioned the Aquino family thanks the Cory's funeral guards.

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