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Pinoy Power 2 from Las Vegas Is Now On — Nonito Donaire Dedicates This Fight to the Memory of President Cory Aquino — Follow the Feed Blog

16 August 2009

It's now 10am in the Philippines. I'm now tuned in to GMA 7 watching Pinoy Power 2 hosted by Chino Trinidad and Quinito Henson.  The main draw of Pinoy Power 2 is the fight between the "Filipino Flash" Nonito Donaire and Panama's Rafael Concepcion.  The venue is the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.

Since this is a delayed telecast, I'm calling this a "Follow the Feed Blog."

As we await the fights, you may want to watch these reports courtesy of GMA News:

Ernesto Zepeda is now entering the ring. Quinito points out that Zepeda has scored 32 knockouts in 39 wins.

Mark Jason Melligen has also entered the ring. 

Round 1 (10:20am)
Zepeda lands a left to the head of Melligen..  Melligen is throwing his left (1:50).  Low blow by Zepeda, 0:54. Melligen staggers Zepeda with a straight left just before the round ended. Melligen won Round 1.

Round 2
Zepeda is charging early in the second round. Both fighters exchanging blows in the middle of the ring. Quinito observes that Melligen has the tendency to neglect his defenses in his search of an early end to the bout. 

Round 3 
Melligen lands a left to Zepeda's neck. 1:35, Melligen repeatedly lands his left to Zepeda's face. Melligen now jabbing to hold Zepeda at bay and set up the left. 

Round 4
The round is being dominated by Melligen at one point cornering Zepeda and landing repeated blows. Zepeda is practically defenseless.  With 22 seconds remaining in the round, Melligen lands a left that knocks down Zepeda prompting referee Joe Cortez to end the fight.

Mark Jason Melligen wins via TKO against Ernesto Zepeda.

The next fight that they are now announcing is between Bernabe Concepcion and Steven Luevano.  

Abe Concepcion dominated the first round.  Steven Luevano took the second round.  I take up the fight from the third round.

Round 3
Both fighters waiting for each other. Abe got tagged with a right hand, 1:25 remaining. Abe connects with two successive rights. Another right by Abe to Luevano's face a few moments before the round ended.

Round 4
I missed round 4, had to take an important phone call.

Round 5
Luevano's defenses have vastly improved preventing Abe from hitting him. Neither fighter is doing something significant but Luevano has the edge because he throws repeated jabs but all of a sudden ... Concepcion hits Luevano towards the mid-section staggering him just before the round ended, possibly stealing the round.

As we await Round 6, they just showed an ad of Mommy Dionisia's upcoming TV show, Show Me Da Manny, which will premiere next Sunday, August 23. 
Round 6
Shot to the body by Concepcion, 2:26 remaining. Jabs by Luevano keeping Concepcion at bay and off balance. Luevano took Round 6.

Round 7
Luevano still keeping Concepcion at bay with his right jab. This has really turned into a lackluster fight. Concepcion hits Luevano with the right just before the bell sounded, then, after the bell sounded, Concepcion threw a hard right to Luevano's face causing him to fall down on the canvass where he would stay for at least 3 minutes. Quinito suspects that Luevano was just acting.  Luevano wins by disqualification. 

It's now 11:59am.  We have this article at GMANews.tv, posted at 11:49am, entitled Punches after the bell disqualifies Pinoy bet Abe Concepcion.
The main event between Nonito Donaire and Rafael Concepcion is coming up.

Mariana Estrada is now singing the national anthem of Panama. 

Dessa is now singing the Philippine national anthem, Lupang Hinirang, 12:08pm.  I'm afraid that the National Historical Institute (NHI) will once again find something to criticize with Dessa's rendition as it followed a similar tempo with Martin Nievera's rendition during the Manny Pacquiao - Ricky Hatton fight.

Round 1
Donaire scores several hits against Concepcion with less than a minute remaining. Donaire wins Round 1.

Round 2
Donaire scores with a straight right 1:32 remaining. Concepcion stalking Donaire, hits him with a right, Donaire answers with a left, 1:00 remaining. Concepcion tags Donaire twice. Concepcion takes Round 2.  

Round 3
Concepcion continues to stalk Donaire who tries to move away. Donaire is using lateral movement to stay away from Concepcion's power. Concepcion slips, :48 remaining. Donaire keeping the distance between him and Concepcion with the left jab.  Donaire wins Round 3.

Round 4
Donaire continues to circle Concepcion and throw punches at the Panamanian.  Now they're exchanging blows.  Donaire wins Round 4. 
Round 5
Donaire hits Concepcion with a right, 1:38 remaining then he slips.  Concepcion hit in the face by Donaire, :55. Concepcion with a right, :17.  

Round 6
Donaire keeping Concepcion at bay with his left jab but the Panamanian presses on. Concepcion scores three rights, 1:13 remaining.  Donaire hits Concepcion with a hard right hand, :38. Concepcion wins Round 6.

Round 7
Quinito cites the much greater accuracy of Donaire's punches. Concepcion continues to press Donaire and hit him with punches to the face, 1:35 remaining.  Donaire scores with a right after gettting hit by Concepcion against the rope.  Donaire with several punches to Concepcion's face, :30.  That round was just about even, could go either way.  Chino and Quinito gave the round to Donaire.

Round 8
Concepcion pressing on and scoring some hits, 1:40 remaining. Concepcion got tagged with a right, 1:12. Straight right by Donaire, :20. Donaire wins the round by virtue of several hits he scored just before the bell ended.

Round 9
Donaire with an upper cut, 2:12 remaining.  Concepcion with a left, 1:52. A right and a left by Donaire, 1:30.  Donaire with a left, 1:04.  Jabs by Donaire find their mark. A left by Donaire. He's beginning to frustrate Concepcion just as the bell ended.  Donaire wins Round 9. 

Round 10
Donaire starting to assert his dominance in the middle of the ring, scoring with jabs and eluding Concepcion's punches.   Donaire with a hard left, 1:32.  Donaire warned by the referee, 1:02.  Left and right Donaire; Concepcion counterpunches.  Donaire takes Round 10.

Round 11
Donaire with a left, 2:10.  Looping right by Donaire, 1:57. A right and a left by Donaire, then they exchange punches with DDonaire getting the better of it.  Donaire wins the penultimate round.

Round 12
Donaire landed 74% of his shots in the 11th round. Concepcion presses the fight by Donaire gamely confronts him mostly in the middle of the ring either eluding his punches or counterpunching.  Big right by Donaire, :25.  The fighters gave it all they've got in the last few seconds of the bout.

Donaire wins the bout via unanimous decision. It's now 1:35pm, Manila time.

As I look at the GMA News website, they've already posted news of Nonito Donaire's victory as early as 1:09pm.

For Bernabe Concepcion, he needs to improve his footwork and lateral movement and mix it up with the opponent more to win his next fight. 

Congratulations to Nonito Donaire and Mark Jason Melligen!  

For Nonito Donaire, it's a display of class, accepting a fight when his opponent has exceeded the weight limit and finding everything in his arsenal to outbox a perpetually-charging Rafael Concepcion who at fight time clearly outweighed him by at least ten pounds.
Mabuhay ang Pinoy Power!

It's now 1:20pm, Manila time.  GMA 7 has posted  

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