Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Magnitude 6.6 Earthquake Hits Tokyo, Japan, 7.6 Quake in the Indian Ocean - RP Consul Hans Siriban Says Pinoys in Tokyo are Safe, August 11, 2009

11 August 2009

A powerful 6.6 earthquake rocked the area of Tokyo, Japan early this morning (about 5am in Japan) while another even more powerful magnitude 7.6 tremor hit the Indian Ocean.  The Indian Ocean quake was placed by the US Geological Survey at about 160 miles (257 kilometers) north of Port Blair, 20.6 miles (33 kilometers) deep in India's Andaman Islands.   

A regional tsunami alert was issued for India, Myanmar, Indonesia, Thailand and Bangladesh but was later recalled.

Philippine consul to Japan Hans Siriban reported on the situation of our Pinoy compatriots in Japan — so far he's saying that fortunately, they have received no reports of Pinoy casualties — in this interview with Igan Arnold Clavio at Unang Hirit courtesy of GMANews.tv:


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