Sunday, August 9, 2009

UFC 101 — BJ Penn vs Kenny Florian Live Blog Post from Round 3 — BJ Wins by Rear Naked Choke, 3:54 of Round 4

9 August 2009

I take up the UFC lightweight championship fight between BJ Penn and Kenny Florian starting from the third round.  BJ Penn must be leading but Kenny appears the fresher of the two.

Round 3 
No hits yet from any fighter, 4:25 left.  Fighters clinch, 4:00, BJ pinned to the fence, 3:30 remaining.  Kenny trying to bring BJ down, 3:13.  Kenny repeated shots to BJ's waist, 2:59.   Kenny with an elbow as they separate.  Trading shots, 2:15.  Kenny holds BJ's left leg, pins him to the fence, 1:20.  Kenny pressing BJ again to the fence, 0:40.  BJ lands some shots as they separate, 0.18.  Left hand by Kenny connects.

Round 4
Kenny pressing BJ against the fence, 4:15.  BJ takes Kenny down, 3:54.  Kenny defending with elbows to BJ's face.  BJ now returning the elbows, 2:55.  BJ in Kenny's half guard, 2:30.  Shots by BJ to Kenny's face, 2:10.  BJ gets full mount, 1:55.  BJ wins by rear naked choke at 3:54 of the fourth round. Superior ground skills by BJ Penn, reasserting his dominance over the UFC's lightweight division.

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