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Miss Universe 2009 is Underway at ABS-CBN - RP's Bianca Manalo Drops Out of Top 15 — Miss Venezuela Stefania Fernandez is Miss Universe 2009

24 August 2009

ABS-CBN's telecast of the Miss Universe 2009 pageant from the Atlantis Paradise Island of the Bahamas has begun with hosts Billy Bush and Claudia Jordan opening the show.

They've just announced the Top 15 (9:45 am)
1.    Puerto Rico (Mayra Matos Perez)
2.   Iceland (Ingibjorg Egilsdottir)
3.   Albania (Hasna Xhukici)
4.   Czech Republic (Iveta Lutovska)
5.   Belgium (Zeynep Sever)
6:   Dominican Republic (Ada Aime Dela Cruz)
7.   Sweden (Renate Cerlejn)
8.   Kosovo (Gona Dragusha)
9.   Australia (Rachael Finch)
10. France (Chloe Mortaud)
11.  Switzerland (Whitney Toyloy)
12.  South Africa (Tatum Keshwar)
13.  USA (Kristen Dalton)
14.  Croatia (Sarah Cosic)
15.  Venezuela (Stefania Fernandez)

Utter disappointment for the Philippines!  Anyway, our lovely contestant Pamela Bianca Manalo, gave it her best shot!  

Guess what?!  There's no one from Asia here!

We have nine (9) from Europe (Iceland, Albania, Czech Republic, Belgium, Sweden, Kosovo, France, Switzerland and Croatia), one from North America (USA), three (3) from South America (Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic and Venezuela), one from Africa (South Africa) and one from Australasia or Oceania (Australia).

Heidi Montag now performing, 9:58am.

The judges: (10:01am)
Dean Cain
Colin Cowie
Tamara Tunie
Valeria Mazza
Matthew Rolston
Richard Lefrak
Andre Leon Talley
Heather Kerzner
Farouk Shami
Keisha Whitaker
Gerry Deveaux
George Maloof, Jr.

Flo Rida performing with  the Miss Universe contestants in their bikinis doing an exercise routine. (10:10am)

We now have the swimsuit competition for the 15 semi-finalists.

Top 10 finalists (10:25am)
1.    Australia
2.   Venezuela
3.   South Africa
4.   Dominican Republic
5.    Kosovo
6.   Czech Republic
7.   Switzerland
8.   Puerto Rico
9.   USA
10. France 

They're now showing video clips of the finalists telling the audience more about themselves. (10:28am)

Kelly Rowland performing with David Guetta while the evening gown competition goes on (10:37am)

Billy Bush interviews two of the judges starting with Dean Cain (10:45am)

Special awards presentation 10:53am
Miss Congeniality is Miss China (Wang Jingyao)
Miss Photogenic is Miss Thailand (Chutima Durongdej)

Finally!  Asian contestants get to bring home some awards!

Top 5 (11:01am)
1. Dominican Republic
2. Australia
3. Puerto Rico
4. Venezuela
5. Kosovo

Miss Kosovo looks somewhat like Audrey Hepburn. She can win this one.

Questions from the Judges
1. Question to Miss Dominican Republic from Tamara Tunie (if I recall correctly)
Do you believe that HIV testing should be made mandatory?
Answer: The necessary test should be made so people can prevent AIDS.  In just one minute, we may lose our lives.

2. Question to Miss Australia from Valeria Mazza
How does it make you feel that you can wear bikinis and other women can't?
Answer: Our body is the beautiful part of the woman and we should show them to the rest of the world.

3. Question to Miss Puerto Rico from Rio Mori
Has being beautiful made people take you seriously? 
Answer: One must be very organized, one must have professional studies.  Your inner beauty is reflected outside and that makes you very beautiful.  That's why people take me seriously.

4. Question to Miss Venuezula  from Andre Leon Talley 
What can women do to overcome obstacles in corporations ?
I believe that women have overcome many obstacles .. we have reached the same level as men do.  

5. Question to Miss Kosovo from Dean Cain
What is  it about fame that makes people, including you, want to be famous?
(Sorry, I just missed Miss Kosovo's answer).

They're showing one final look at the five finalists prior to crowning Miss Universe 2009 (11:16am).

They're preparing to announce the winners (11:23am). 

Dayana Mendoza gives her final message and makes her final farewell as reigning Miss Universe 2008.
4th Runner-up - Miss Puerto Rico
3rd Runner-up - Miss Australia
2nd Runner-up - Miss Kosovo
1st Runner-up  -  Miss Dominican Republic

Miss Venezuela Stefania Fernandez is Miss Universe 2009!

Back-to-back wins for Venezuela in Miss Universe! (11:26am)

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