Monday, August 17, 2009

Nalaro Mo na Ba Yung Pinoy Board Game na Mismo!? — Puwes Kung Hindi Pa, Pareho Tayo! Read On!

17 August 2009

Is it possible for a new board game crafted by bored, homesick Pinoys to create so much excitement? Well, apparently, it is!  GMA News has posted on its site an article about this new Pinoy board game called Mismo!

The article, written by Melissa delos Santos, says and I quote:

It seemed simple enough, but I was uncertain about its ability to keep me entertained for more than a few minutes. After a couple of rounds, however, my family and friends were unanimous:Mismo! must be one of the most original and amusing Filipino board games ever. 

The object of the game is to win three rounds, each one marked by a MisMo and ! chip. Each player receives 10 answer cards, each of which contains a word from Filipino popular culture. Two roulettes, loaded with adjectives, are spun. The adjectives are formed into a question -Ano ang kadiri-to-death na mayabang? – and players attempt to respond with their cards. Hilarity ensues over the incongruous, often absurd answers. 

Fellow players vote on their favorite answers with Boto Ko! chips, enticing one to be as creative as possible. Our version of the game encouraged players to justify their answers, where the most interesting rationalizations take place. Who knew that the adjective makulay can be interpreted in so many different ways?
Mismo!'s website gives this overview of the novel board game:

Dahil Pinoy tayo, sa Mismo! may baraha na, may dalawang ruleta pa. Paikutin ang ruleta, at umpisa na ang saya: alaskahan, barahan, pilosopohan, at higit sa lahat, katuwaan at bahaginan. (Because we're Pinoys, Mismo! features cards, and two roulettes. Spin the wheels, and let the mayhem begin: the wise-cracks, the debates, but above all, the fun and learning.)

Sa Mismo! walang mali, lahat tama -- at dyan uusbong ang saya. (With Mismo!, nobody's wrong. Everybody's right -- and that's precisely the recipe for raucous mayhem.) You'll find in Mismo! a platform to rediscover and reaffirm all the little things -- people, places, events, concepts -- that define the collective Philippine adventure. (That friend/relative/nephew/niece of yours that hende magaleng mag-FilipinowPara inyong lahat ang Mismo!)

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