Saturday, August 15, 2009

Jorge Muñoz is The Angel in Queens, ABC News' Person of the Week Has Given Free Meals to Hungry Illegal Immigrants Every Day for the Past 5 Years

15 August 2009

Jorge Muñoz is the kind of person one never forgets. Never! And that's because there are only a few people like him alive. We all talk about heart and compassion.  This guy's got both big time, really big time!  

This is how Susan Aasen and Sadie Bass of ABC News started their August 7, 2009 article on Jorge Muñoz entitled New York Angel Feeds the Needy Out of His Own Pocket:
Jorge Munoz knows sharing. In his tiny kitchen in Queens, N.Y., Munoz cooks more than 100 meals a day. And every day, he gives them all away for free to people in need.

"Yesterday, they were 130," he said. "So, we gonna try to make out today between 130 and 140. Depends. Because we working it out on the time. So we try to make 120, 130."

His stove has broken down twice from overuse, and it doesn't have a handle. He also uses his sister's stove upstairs. You can imagine their gas bill.

Munoz is not a missionary or a minister. He's a school bus driver who saw a need, and stepped in to meet it.

I've always had difficulty embedding ABC News video clips; in fact, I can't remember any post in this blog which contains an embedded video clip from ABC News.  

But I've got the next best thing! A video report on Jorge Muñoz's extraordinary mission of mercy by Adam B. Ellick published by the New York Times York on November 25, 2007. At that time, Jorge was serving just 35 hot dinners every night.  That number has quadrupled by now. Proof that Jorge has been a faithful steward of God's tender mercies.

If any of us can do what Jorge Muñoz does in a single day, then maybe, we might be justified calling ourselves a humanitarian. But with the help of her mother and sister, Jorge Muñoz has been doing his mission of cooking and sharing from his Woodhaven home for the past five years without letup, save for one day when his own truck got stuck in a snowstorm.  What does that make them?!

They can give Jorge Muñoz, his mother Doris, and his sister Luz the Nobel Prize for Peace and it still would not be enough for the healing effect that their kindness brings upon the community of the destitute and the forgotten in Queens. 

Of Jorge Muñoz, his sister Luz says, "He got no life.  But he got a big heart!"

Amen to that!

Unbelievable commitment!  Unbelievable kindness! 

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